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  • Update for ChrisTrains ICM


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    ChrisTrains heeft een grote update uitgebracht voor de ChrisTrains ICM.

    De update is gratis voor bestaande klanten en kan worden gedownload in je account. Download het volledige installatiebestand opnieuw en installeer de ICM. 


    Het ICM paintpakket is niet langer te koop en is nu onderdeel van deze nieuwe versie. 




    ChrisTrains has been released a big update for the ChrisTrains ICM.

    The update is free for existing customers and can be downloaded in your account. Re-download the full installation file and install the ICM. 


    This update now includes the old retro paint pack. The old retro paint pack has been removed from the store for that reason. 


    Release notes: 

    Due to changes in consist and wagon numbers and internal names, old scenarios might show a "consist changed"
    error. If this happens, click "edit", then just save the scenario and start playing. Nothing else is required.


    - Fully upgraded model
    - New: geometry and textures for all the exterior models and the cab. OLDER REPAINTS WILL NOT WORK WITH v4.0
    - New: much more detail than older versions
        - rebuilt underside details
        - rebuilt wheels
        -    rebuilt bogies
        -    rebuilt coupler
        -    rebuilt pantograph
        - corrected interior floor height and rebuilt steps and areas around doors and balconies
    - New: new cab model
        -  rebuilt to now have back of cab
        - 360 camera option
        - retextured with higher detail
        - rebuilt switches and controls
        - corrected some old texture errors in warning lamps
        - added missing decals on the driver console
        - new GSM-R
        - new tablet holder
    - New: new simulation and wagon scripts. Much more memory efficient, much quicker to execute
    - New: higher detail textures for exterior window frames
    - New: passenger and driver models
    - New: horn sounds now loop
    - New: all-new engine sounds, running sounds and cab sounds. Thanks to LinusF for some of the engine sounds.
    - New: cab control sounds (thanks to my beta team for recording some of these)
    - New: wagon interior lighting now controllable from the cab
    - New: 'dead' and parked engines have interior lighting off, no passengers, no drivers
    - New: now uses master destination list with ability to pre-set destinations
    - New: headlight controls for shunting and danger modes
    - New: headlight dimming control
    - New: "E" to zero-out throttle
    - New: HUD controls have correct notch names (instead of 0%-100%)
    - Fixed: performance / framerate problem when too many ICM's were visible in the same scene
    - Fixed: Power / brakes / weights - much more prototypical
    - Fixed: added UIC codes to exterior of ICMm
    - Fixed: brake gauges now work when multiple consists are joined together
    - Fixed: excessive camera shake in the cab
    - Fixed: brake handle now has notches / detents
    - Fixed: a lot of errors in the 10-year old ATB code
    - Fixed: max ATB speed now corrected to 140 instead of 160
    - Fixed: ATB lamp above '160' blanked off
    - Fixed: modern headlight logic
    - Fixed: wiper controls now work correctly in-cab and in the HUD




    Price: €
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