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  • Major update ChrisTrains Flirt 3 available





    ChrisTrains has been released a major update for the Flirt 3. This 2020 update adds the Keolis and Valleilijn version and many other improvements. This update is free for existing customers!

    The update can be downloaded in your account.


    For customers who have previously purchased this add-on from TreinPunt.NL, please visit this link. More information can be found here. The update is available in your account.




    ChrisTrains heeft een grote update uitgebracht voor de Flirt 3. Inbegrepen in deze update is de Keolis en Valleilijn versie en veel verbeteringen. Voor bestaande klanten is de update gratis!

    De update kan worden gedownload in je account


    Als je de Flirt 3 op TreinPunt hebt gekocht, ga dan naar deze link. Meer informatie vind je hier. De update is beschikbaar in je account. 




    Release notes

    IMPORTANT: These changes are all relevant to the Dutch versions. The German Suwex version has NOT changed
    New: Installation system
    New: Keolis and Valleilijn versions, with handbook. New geometry, cab and passenger views. Not just reskins.
    New: Deadman's pedal sound
    New: Rail flange/squeal sound
    New: Traction-block function when doors are open
    New: Can read the new ATB bakens scenery objects to turn on ATB-EG or ATB-NG, or turn the ATB off.
    New: Aerials on top of NS, Arriva and R-Net versions
    New: Additional fictional destinations for fictional routes added to all versions.
    New: Cab horn button works for high/low horn
    New: "Parked" trains have pantographs always up, no driver, and 'parking' lights on automatically
    New: "Dead" trains have pantographs always down, no driver, no lights
    IMPORTANT: Some destination numbers have changed in the RNet, NS and Arriva versions. Scenarios might need to adapt
    Fixed: Vastly improved braking performance, including pneumatic brake blending properly below 10km/h
    Fixed: Headlight logic - high beams and main beams never works correctly. All fixed now. Handbooks updated.
    Fixed: GSMR 'shiny' part of screen no longer extends over 'M' and 'R' buttons.
    Fixed: Internal debug code was sending messages to logger and slowing down game performance.
    Fixed: Deadman alarm sound was too harsh and slightly wrong tone.
    Fixed: In line with new regulations, deadman timer is shortened to 30 seconds.
    Fixed: Changed Amersfoort -> Amersfoort Centraal, Eindhoven -> Eindhoven Centraal, Tilburg -> Tilburg Universiteit
    Fixed: Arriva cab door light button did not flash when doors were closing
    Fixed: Driver handle can now be used to disconnect snelschakelaar and drop pantograph even while driving. No longer applies brakes.
    Fixed: ATB overspeed lights, ATB-EG snelrem display
    Fixed: Error in speedometer display (too many check marks between major speed values)
    Fixed: Door opening beeper on NS, Arriva versions is now the correct sound
    Fixed: Removed Y/C keyboard shortcuts for cruise control because it was interfering with the pantograph control which was also on "Y"






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