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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Good day! Today you are driving stopping service 6052 from 's Hertogenbosch to Utrecht Centraal, where a colleague will take over the service. Good luck! IMPORTANT: There is a TSB (Temporary speed restriction) just after Geldermalsen, which ends just before Culemborg. The maximum allowed speed is 100 km/h within the TSB area. Normally I would change the actual speed limit to reflect the restriction, however this route uses multiple trackrules along that stretch, meaning I cannot change the speed. As per real life, there are signs placed, so watch out for those.
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Today, you are tasked with driving train 6652 from Dordrecht to Arnhem Centraal. You will drive the train until Breda, where a colleague will take over. You will depart at 14:58. Good luck! Note: The scenario remains unchanged. This "fix" is intended to adjust some minor details. I accidentally packed a test version with the original download. The time and difficulty of the scenario have been changed, as well as destination displays have been added. The BR189 has been swapped for a "Dutch" version (with a white front), so you'll need an additional repaint pack. Other than that
  3. Version 1.0.1


    This package is intended to fill a gap for the pre-ICD ICRm coaches + BDs. Some people will own Marc D's package, but many people will not. Chris' ICRm(h) coaches have a higher quality as well, which is logical because it is payware. That is why I made this repaint pack. That said, this package is simplified. Given my limited experience with repainting and lack of specific technical knowledge of the carriages as they ran until ~ 2014, I did not spend all my time correctly reproducing all types of carriages. In this package you will find the following carriages: CT NS ICRm A

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