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    I really love this soundmod, The sounds are much closer to the realism. Only, the sound of the doors and the ATB on/off sounds are a bit buggy. Thanks for making this soundmod!
  1. Patrick

    Nabij Groningen Europapark.

  2. Kwaliteit wat iedereen van Chris verwacht! Prachtig!!! Ga zo door.
  3. Damn! That's looking so hot! You did a great job.
  4. Version 1.0.5


    Qbuzz Groningen - Drenthe In this pack you will find some buses based on buses in real life in Groningen. But there are also some fictive buses in this pack. This pack did cost a lot of time to make. But I did it with much pleasure. These models are in this pack: -Citaro O530 LE -Citaro C2 LE -Bluebus 12 SE - Citaro GDH Soon! I will make more models in the future like: -Citaro C2G (It wil be the bus from Three Generations or from Wuppertal) -Citaro O530G (Fictive) -Setra (Idk the model yet)
  5. Version 2.0


    V2.0 OUT NOW! INFORMATION: IJsselmond drives with a lot of busses, this company also uses a Iveco Crossway LE, so we decided to make this repaint. It does cost a lot of time. We hope you guys will enjoy and like it. If it doenst, then help us with make it better. Give us commands. CREDITS TO: Jacob and Patrick CONTACT US: Noest#2434 JacobTrainsNL#9782
  6. Uhm ik zou als ik jou was het spoor verder door laten lopen voor realisme, aangezien na Station Roodeschool nog een overweg is en dan richting de Eemshaven, en dan die bomen aan de overkant verwijderen
  7. Patrick


    A nice picture in this nice landscape.

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