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  • Update voor de ChrisTrains VIRM: nieuwe versie!





    ChrisTrains heeft een update uitgebracht voor de ChrisTrains VIRM(m). De nieuwste versie van de VIRM(m) is nu te downloaden! Deze VIRM rijdt pas sinds kort in de werkelijkheid.  

    De update is gratis voor bestaande klanten en kan worden gedownload in je account

    Als je dit product op het vorige TreinPunt.NL hebt gekocht, ga dan naar deze link. Meer informatie vind je hier.




    ChrisTrains has been released an update for the ChrisTrains VIRM(m). This update includes the most recent version of the VIRM(m). This new version appeared in passenger service last week! The update is free for existing customers and can be downloaded in your account

    For customers who have previously purchased this add-on from TreinPunt.NL, please visit this link. More information can be found here



    Release notes:

    New: Added the new VIRMm2 and VIRMm3 (2021 version)

    New: Can read the new ATB bakens scenery objects to turn on ATB-EG or ATB-NG, or turn the ATB off.

    New: Rail flange/squeal sound

    New: Deadman's pedal sound

    New: Door closing beeper sound

    New: Regulator / throttle no longer has notches - smooth linear throttle now

    New: ATB speed indicator is now a needle that moves *around* the dial instead of *popping* to the speed directly

    New: ATB has 'stopped' mode where indicator goes to 40 when the train is stopped and the reverser is in neutral

    New: Modified brake lever behaviour - T required for traction, N forces traction to zero, notch 1(R) is where braking begins, notch 2 is ATB required braking level

    New: Lots of new destinations. Destinations now conform to brand new 'master' destination list on christrains.com

    New: Signature IRM irritating squeaks from wagon join metal plates added to passenger view

    Fixed: 'REM' and 'TL' indicator lights in the cab now behave correctly based on brake lever position

    Fixed: Braking side of traction/braking meter now correctly responds to brake lever position

    Fixed: VIRMm1 Numbering and naming corrected to VIRMm1 8600 and 9400 series








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