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Scenarios (v1.4)


This category contains scenarios made for this version of the route.



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  1. [Maurits] Korte sprint naar Arnhem

    Ede-Wageningen, Friday 14th of February 2020, 11.18 a.m.
    This week, SNG train set 2722 is commuting on train service 7500 from Arnhem Centraal to Ede-Wageningen. In a few minutes, you will drive train 7535 to Arnhem Centraal. The express train to Nijmegen is a little late, so it seems you will not be able to depart in time as well. Depart when possible, and stop at Wolfheze and Oosterbeek on your way. At Wolfheze, the ICE service to Frankfurt will overtake you.
    This scenario features:
    Your own train driving with the real timetable of train 7535 of Friday 14 February 2020. AI trains driving with the real timetable and delays of Friday 14 February 2020. AI trains driving with the real rolling stock (train set numbers included) of the date above. Automatic announcements. Destination signs set on AI trains. Stopping points, which make AI trains stop in the right positions.  
    For the announcements, I was allowed to use four YouTube videos from RailRides' channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_nVPB7Ylllnt1i7WUye6QQ). I would like to thank him a lot!


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  2. valleilijn naar amersfoort

    this is the valleilijn towards amersfoort


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  3. [Rail 21 - NS] IR 560 Emmen - Den Haag CS Deel 4

    In this scenario, you still have to do 1 long service drive before your service ends in Kiel. An RE 84 service from Hamburg to Kiel via Lübeck is on the program. You just had a break and walked to the siding on the Altona side to get your train composition ready. After you have started the locomotive and have taken a small brake test, you go to the platform. After arriving at Lübeck Hbf station, train 21442 continues as RB 84 to Kiel Hbf and stops at all stations along the way.
    Good luck.
    In this part of the scenario runs from Hamburg Hbf to Lübeck Hbf.
    It's a realistic scenario. All AI passenger trains in the scenario run according to the real 2020 timetable in force in Germany. The only AI passenger train in the scenario that is fictitious is train EC34 from Copenhagen to Hamburg Hbf via Putgarden. This train runs according to the timetable of 2019. At the moment in 2020 the EC trains to and from Copenhagen will no longer run via Putgarden and by ferry.


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  4. Speciale trein over de Ponlijn

    you drive a special train to Amersfoort  and back to Leusden
    more information in the read me


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  5. Intercity Nijmegen - Utrecht CS

    This scenario is based on real life. You will drive the Intercity from Nijmegen to Schiphol Airport. Your journey ends at Utrecht Centraal.


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  6. [Tushar Als Vlogger] Intercity Enschede

    In this level the player drives from Utrecht Leidsche Rijn station to Amersfoort Central. Note the level starts with a rolling start!

    Have fun driving!


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  7. [BTF] Scenariopack voor 't Hart van Nederland V1.4

    Here it is, this is the 'Bastreinfan scenariopack for 't Hart van Nederland V1.4'. This scenariopack contains 8 brand new scenario's for the 't Hart van Nederland route in Train Simulator 2020. All scenario's are based on the normal 2020 timetable. Most of the scenario's are made on the V1.3 version of the route, and after the route update I had to change a few scenario's, so they could work on the V1.4 version of the route. The scenario's and the manual are in Dutch. This are all the scenario's who are included in this scenariopack:
    1. Intercity to Den Haag Centraal
    2. Sprinter to Veenendaal Centrum
    3. Sprinter to Zwolle
    4. Sprinter to Ede-Wageningen
    5. Intercity to Enschede
    6. Sprinter to Baarn
    7. Stoptrein to Ede-Wageningen
    8. Rush hour sprinter to Amersfoort Centraal.

    Note: this scenario pack only works on 't Hart van Nederland version 1.4!


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  8. [PreRelease] Met de ICMm naar Amersfoort Schothorst

    I am releasing this scenario in the beta category due to the problems with my previous scenario, if you encounter any problems in this scenario then please let me know
    Today you will be driving 7 wagons of ICMm from Utrecht to Amersfoort Schothorst, no problems have been reported so it should be an easy ride
    This scenario also works on 't Hart van Nederland v1.4


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