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  1. Version 1.1


    You will take IC Direct 1023 from Rotterdam to Amsterdam on this rainy summer day. There is a lot of traffic on the line, and some may be delayed due to the adverse weather. Equipment: 2x TRAXX + 7 ICRm Estimated time to complete: 40 minutes Route: HSL Zuid AI: Over 40 trains, all sticking to their independent true to life schedule. Stops: 11:26 Rotterdam CS 11:51 / 11:53 Schiphol Airport 12:06 Amsterdam CS ES 9112 Quickstart 1-1.pdf ICD1023_Quickstart_1-1.pdf
  2. Version 1.1


    In this scenario, you’ll take ES 9112 from Rotterdam (its first stop in the Netherlands), to Amsterdam. After the passengers have disembarked, you will need to take the train to the yard to prepare it for its return journey to London. Traffic flow is high along the route, so it’s crucial to stick to the timetable to and avoid unnecessary stops and ensure a smooth ride. Equipment: E320 Estimated time to complete: 50-55 minutes Route: HSL Zuid AI: Over 40 trains, all sticking to their independent true to life schedule. BONUS: Scenario [SP] ICD 1023 Rotterdam to Amsterdam, for those who don't have the BR 407 add-on or would like to drive the IC Direct service in front of ES 9112. Stops: 11:32 / 11:34 Rotterdam CS 12:08 / 12:13 Amsterdam CS 12:20 Watergraafsmeer Yard F.A.Q. Some users reported an inbound train ended up on the same track as the user train. If this occurs, empty the CACHE and restarting resolves the issue. This is probably a bug in Train Simulator and/or a memory related issue, but I'll have a look if I can make some adjustments for the next release to prevent this from happening. ES 9112 Quickstart 1-1.pdf
  3. Gaaf! En vooral zo herkenbaar allemaal, ik kijk er naar uit!
  4. Wat ontzettend gaaf om de voortgang te zien na een periode van stilte. Ontzettend mooi om de details te zien, alles is erg herkenbaar. Fijn dat er toch besloten is om de voortgang te delen, want ik (en vele met mij waarschijnlijk) kijk erg uit naar deze route. Ook heel blij om de verkanting te zien, want dat is wel een gemis in de huidige versie, top!!
  5. Does anyone know where I can follow development of the south section? I really miss the simplicity of the old forum...
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